Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: More Cheese Please!

I am a sucker for anything cheese, so last week for Thanksgiving I decided to make Baked Brie as an appetizer. I had made it only once before, but it turned out really good so I decided to try it again with a different filling. Baked Brie is the perfect appetizer when you want to impress company, or anytime that you just want a yummy snack :) All you need is a frozen pasty puff, brie, & toppings! Here's the general idea of how this whole thing comes together, but remember you can swap out the toppings for whatever you like.
The brie pictured above is the one that I made for Thanksgiving. At first I thought that pistachio & fig would be a weird combo, but it turned out being deeeeelish!! Also, you can use the lid of the brie to make a circle in the center of the dough to know where to put your toppings. 
This is the first brie that I ever made :) I made a couple of "mistakes" on this one, but it still turned out really good. First off make sure you give yourself enough time to let the pastry puff thaw out DON'T MICROWAVE IT- even if it says you can on the packaging! Second (unlike what is pictured above .. whoopsies) make sure to place the uncooked brie on top of the toppings, because you will be flipping the entire thing over. Also, if you're going to "decorate" your brie make sure to bake it a bit longer- I baked this one for almost an hour. If you want a nice golden crust make sure to use an egg wash, but don't over do it like I did or once your brie starts baking it will start to smell like scrambled eggs .. haha.    My last piece of brie advice is that although it's going to smell amazing when it comes out of the oven make sure to let the brie "settle/cool/whatever" for at least 10 minutes before serving otherwise it's a big gooey mess. Alright, now that I've prepared you for every obstacle you may face while preparing this dish .. GO MAKE IT :)


  1. Oh you can't do wrong can't you?Love it!

  2. Love, love, love fig jam with brie!!!
    Beijos, Ana


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