Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Late Night Happy Hour @Ceiba

Last Friday my friend Gina suggested that we go to a late night Happy Hour & catch up on life .. after a lot of persuading & twisting of my arm I was sold (please note the sarcasm). Gina has a serious appreciation for food like myself so I knew that whatever restaurant she picked out would be amaaazing! We ended up going to Ceiba on 14th St. & let me tell you it's seriously my new favorite place for grabbing a late bite to eat :) First off when you enter the restaurant you have several different seating options .. the bar, the dining room, & the lounge. We opted for the latter of the three because it was so darn cute & it had a little more privacy than the bar. Our server was so sweet & extremely knowledgeable of the menu, after chatting with him for a bit we learned that he'd worked there for over 4 years! He explained to us that since we were eating in the lounge area that we were able to order off their Happy Hour menu .. when I tell you that this was no ordinary HH menu I'm telling you this menu is a treat! Not only are all the Bar Dishes half off, but a wide selection of featured cocktails are only $5 each .. thus making us very happy campers :)
Gina deciding what drink to order // So many choices we wanted one of everything!
Refreshing Mojitos made with real sugar cane. 
For our first dish we ordered the Peruvian Ceviche "Classico" which was light & delicious. It was a small portion, but that was fine with us because it sparked our appetites & prepared us for all the other yummy food we'd ordered.
For our second dish we had the Pulled Pork BBQ Papusas, which I insisted on ordering since I love anything that has "pulled pork" in the name. At first I was a bit confused when I saw it because I thought they forgot to include the pork .. needless to say this was my first experience with papusas & the PORK IS INSIDE OF IT .. DUHHHH! After that minor little heart attack I was really excited to get my first bite with a bit of slaw & their in house pickled onions -Amaaaazing :) Also in case you were wondering we did not duel it out over the last papusa (I hate odd numbered food) we split it in half like the mature young adults that we are!
For our third dish we ordered the Shredded Duck Flautas .. I already knew before taking a bite that this dish would definitely be one of my favorites for the night, I mean come on the presentation is beautiful & it's duck what could be better?! I don't even know where to begin with this scrumptiousness .. the duck was tender, the cheese was melty, & those magical onions didn't disappoint. If you come here these are definitely a MUST!
For our fourth dish we ordered the Grilled Jumbo Lump Crab Jalapeno "Poppers". I really was expecting them to be much spicier, but they ended up being pretty mild so don't be intimidated. The combination of the ham, crab, cream cheese, & pepper covered every possible flavor craving you could have with the salty-spicy-creaminess. I'm definitely glad that we ordered the "Poppers" because they came in second place for the night.
 Yes .. we are fatties & ended up ordering a fifth dish, I blame Gina for it :) These as I'm sure you can already tell are nachos, but not ANY nachos these are Rock Shrimp & Crab Nachos! I was already pretty full by the time that we ordered these, but one thing that really stuck out to me was how fresh & lumped the crab meat was which made me really happy. The nachos were good, but I would suggest ordering something more interesting if you're coming here especially when they have so many fantastic options to pick from.

Overall, I was blown away by the service (the Chef came out to say hello) and the quality of the food at such a great price. I will definitely be visiting again just so I can say that I've tried EVERYTHING on that menu!! This place would be perfect for a cute little date night .. hint hint nudge nudge David ;)
My beautiful pint sized partner-in-food for the night, Gina.
Blazer, Boots, & Necklace- THRIFTED, Shirt- Martin & Osa, Leggings- TARGET


  1. oh my goodness, that blazer is beyond fabulous. And all that food... delish. I hope you've been well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest outfit post. xo


  2. Food looks really tasty Wave! It sounds like you had an amazing time.

  3. Love the food pics, YUMMM!!!! Love your blazer and necklace!



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