Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Easy Cheesy Chicken

Alrighty this post is going to be short & sweet since I have over things I need to get to lol. In order to not lose your mind every week making dinner, it's always good to have those easy go to dishes. This dish is not only simple, but it has a lot of flavor & pairs well with almost any sides. I had an envelope of Lipton soup mix in my cabinet for several months & finally decided to put that thing to good use. There are a billion different recipes you can make with onion soup mix, but this one ended up being the "winner winner chicken dinner" please forgive my corniness. I pretty much followed the recipe exactly with the exception that there might have been a little more cheese :) Going into the oven ....   

Yum Yum Yum, coming out of the oven! I served this chicken with mashed potatoes & peas. I also poured the left over "gravy" from the pan on top of the mashed potatoes & it was amaaaazing :) I will definitely be making this recipe again especially since it took under 5 minutes to prepare & 20 minutes to bake. I can't believe tomorrow is "Friday", I'm so ready for Thanksgiving .. stretchy pants & all. Well, I have to go & get ready for Ploy's concert tonight. See you all tomorrow with the Glitter & Glam Dew Drop Swap Event Recap <3

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