Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Lean Mean Greens & Dressing

As much as I love cheese & junk food there are definitely times that I crave a big hearty green salad! This particular salad below has been my go-to for when I'm trying to get my body to feel alive & refreshed. I use several handfuls of spinach, 1/2 an avocado, chopped mushrooms, a sprinkle of diced onions, & rotisserie chicken piled on top. Dressing ?! You're probably very concerned .. nothing is worse than a dry salad .. don't worry I'm about to share the secret with you :) Several months ago my friend Anya shared with me the lightest dressing ever that pairs well with any salad. Also, did I mention that if you put in on your salad in the morning & bring it to work it won't be soggy at lunch time (At least it's never happened to me so far)!
Alright Alright, I suppose that it's time to tell you the 3 magic ingredients that make up this special dressing: extra-virgin olive oil. lemon juice (fresh if you have it), & Soy Sauce! Ok, so I know it sounds a little crazy but don't knock it till you try it :) I've never measured out the exact amounts, but I usually do several serious squeezes of lemon juice (from the plastic lemon in my fridge), a splash of soy sauce- be careful because it comes out fast & can by over powerful sometimes, & lastly a generous tablespoon or so of EVOO. Then I shake the salad around in the container to mix it up & see if all the leaves have been covered. If it seems a little dry I just add a bit more of each till I get the desired amount. I know that this won't float everyone's boat, but when you're trying to watch fat intake & calories this is definitely the right "dressing" to turn to.


  1. looks yummy too! I need to go back to making my salads.

  2. Looks good! May have to try the salad dressing.


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