Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This edition of Insta-Wavey is actually all from this past weekend. It was a busy weekend jam packed with lots of fun stuff (concerts, delicious food, & a clothing swap) .. thank goodness this work week is only 3 days because I'm still exhausted. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by, I mean 2 days til Thanksgiving & 3 days til black Friday?! I haven't quite decided where I'm going to go for Black Friday, but I'd really like to go out & get a couple of Christmas presents out of the way. What stores are you ladies planning to attack?
1. Work Awards Banquet with my favorite supervisor .. guess who got an award (outfit post coming soon).
2. Finally got to see my friend MISUN preform live! She killed it, you can listen to her here.
3. David & I hanging out at U St. Music Hall before the concert.
4. Relaxing Sunday night dinner at Tara Thai. Drunken noodles always hit the spot, I was so bummed they were out of the wide noodles :(
5. I found this sweatshirt on Instagram & it really is ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!
6. Yup, I made that  .. Steak, Asparagus, & a Baked Potato. I'm obsessed with our stove top grill .. it's LOVE <3
7. So excited I was selected to be one of the bloggers for the DEW Drop Glitter Glam Swap & Shop (post coming soon).
8. My chic "Jet Setter" look for the runway. Yes, I ended up buying those glasses :)
9. Gorgeous DC evening walking around with Trisha & grabbing a bite to eat at Circa.

PS: If you live in the DMV & don't have plans for tonight .. NOW YOU DO! Come out & watch PLOY live at DC 9 Tonight [only $8 !!] To get the inside scoop on them check out this post.

There WILL be a Tasty Tuesday post later today ft. the most easy & tasty baked chicken dish everrrrr!


  1. ooooh stove top grill... need to find one of these!!!

  2. I LOVE #8! You look great! You should have taken home that coat too!


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