Monday, November 26, 2012

Brocade Coat

Several weeks back while thrifting with Trisha I spotted this Maroon/Ox Blood/Wine/Burgundy .. whatever you want to call it coat & I knew that it was a match made in heaven. Before I even got a chance to check the size a little voice inside my head started singing "The Thrift Gods have smiled upon you today with this on trend piece!"not only was the color ideal, but the brocade detailing was the icing on the cake :) When I finally tried in on the shoulders & the entire shape of the coat fit like a glove, not to mention that my closet had been missing a formal coat. I wore this comfy little outfit for an afternoon in DC at the Dew Drop Swap & then out to eat.  
Coat-THRIFTED, Button Up-THRIFTED, Tights-NY&CO, Loafers-TARGET

If you like the leopard loafers that I'm wearing you're in luck because they are still on sale for $20.00 at Target. There is also a gold sparkly pair that they are selling which just might be one of my next purchases :) 

Do any of you have that friend that no matter how long it's been since you've seen them & even if you don't get ready together you ALWAYS end up wearing the same thing?! Yup, I've definitely found that friend haha Trisha & I are always showing up wearing similar outfits or sporting the same piece. This time we both showed up to the swap in loafers .. but if you think that's bad I'll show you the picture that started this whole "twin" thing off!
I kid you not this past summer I opened my apartment door to let her in & it was like looking in a freaking mirror! We were matching all the way down from our red lipstick to pink toenail polish. We couldn't believe how identical we had dressed & decided that instead of changing outfits that we'd go out as is. Boy did we pay for it, for the entire evening almost everyone we met had something to say about our outfits (but we didn't care we thought it was funny).


  1. Awww I love my twin!!! Oh and I'm coming to borrow that blazer.

  2. That is hilar...and cute at the same time. Meanwhile, I was mentally ooh and aahing over your coat that day. It is really nice! You definitely won finding that prize at a thrift store.

  3. The coat is perfection, really really love it :-) and the loafers are very cute as well :-)


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