Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trend Report @ Arundel Mills & NM Last Call

It takes A LOT to get me out of bed in the morning during the week.. multiply that amount by 12323598345 and that's how hard it is to get me out of bed before 9AM on the weekend!! However, when that early AM wake up call is centered around trends, shopping, breakfast, & goody bags it makes it a whole lot easier to rise & shine :) This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a Fall Trends run through at Neiman Marcus Last Call at Arundel Mills. It was such a wonderful morning filled with tons of beautiful pieces & fun with other bloggers!
Generous GC from NM Last Call // Yummy Pastries // Goody Bags :) // Trend Reports
It was so great meeting new bloggers & seeing old friends!
Fun Colorful Bangles // Dressing Room Shenanigans // Pumpkiny Fall Sweaters // Trendy Manequins
So much gorgeous sparkle & bling over at Ultra Diamonds
Ohh you know a few quick behind the scenes snaps of what it is to be a fashion blogger <3
L to R: Vivi, Erika, & Keonté

Ok, so let me drop some knowledge on all of you jkjk .. I just wanted to do a quick little recap on some of the Fall trends that they touched on as well as some great new stores I was introduced to. First we started off at Neiman Marcus Last Call where they briefed us on some of this Fall's current trends including, but not limited to:
Cozy Chic- Chunky knit over-sized sweaters.
Leather Report- It's everywhere from leggings, to skirts, to jackets.
Into the Blue- Whether it be the darkest of navy or the lightest baby blue it's all good.
Fancy Pants- Metallics, Brocade, Studded, Ombre .. jazzing up an old school classic
Finishing Touches- Pins, Brooches, the perfect clutch .. little pops that add something special & unique.

After NM Last Call we went to several other stores to hear about new products & different ways to style them (one of my favorite parts)! The first place we stopped by was the DKNY where we learned how to style 1 sweater a million different ways .. ok maybe not THAT many, but you'll hear more about that later :) Next up was Ultra Diamonds where they showed us their huge selection of jewelry which included the gorgeous sparkly "disco-ball" bracelets pictured above. After the bling, we ventured over to NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) which I was a little hesitant about since I wasn't familiar with the brand & the name lead me to believe that it was a store more suited for my Momma. Boy am I glad that I gave the store a go because I bought my new favorite pair of jeans there!! Let me tell you they have so many cute pairs of jeans including colored, patterned, & waxed denim in an assortment of sizes sure to fit almost anyone. I'm going to do a separate post on the pair that I bought later, but make sure to check out NYDJ next time you're at Arundel Mills (BTW did I mention that all of their jeans are under $80, mine were only $30)! Last up on our tour was the Vince Camuto Outlet where they sell not only shoes but jewelry & clothing as well .. aka daaaangerous. At the moment they have so many different pairs of boots from over the knee riding boots all the way to the cutest little pair of booties, so if you're on the hunt make sure to check them out. It's hard to cram the entire morning & all it's events into one blog post, but I tried my best :) I just wanted to send another huge THANKS out to everyone who put together this event especially Dan Grossman from NMLC for the trend report & Elizabeth Natwick for giving us a fantastic tour of the mall!! If you want to see more pics of my outfit you can here<3 I really can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday (not that I'm complaining) do any of you have fun plans for the weekend?


  1. i wish i had been better about putting this in my calender! i wanted to come so bad! looks so fun too.

  2. Aw, man. Looks like I really missed out! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. It looks like you had a great time. I really wanted to come, but it was just to far for me to drive. Thanks for sharing!
    Beijos, Ana

  4. You're from the DMV i see Vivi and Nife. I miss home. Looks like you guys has a splendid time!

  5. This looks like so much fun! All of you had great outfits and I know you had a ball taking pictures!



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