Monday, October 1, 2012

The Coveted Grey Maxi Skirt

First off let me tell you that I'm not in the best mood because I just through my keys down the trash shoot (on accident of course) ughhh & the maintenance staff won't be back until tomorrow morning :( Oh well, there's nothing that I can do now so I might as well not dwell on it. I wanted to share with you a quick outfit post from this past Saturday. It was such a gorgeous weekend that was perfect for a walk around the park & pizza with the family! I'm so excited that I finally got to wear my new maxi skirt that I ordered online. I have been on the hunt for a grey maxi skirt for at least several months, so when I found this one for $22 I jumped on it :) Unfortunately my real camera died after just one pic which ended up being a goofy one, so I ended up having to use my good old I-phone.
Shirt-OLD LAX TEE, Skirt-TOBI, Necklace-FOREVER 21, Shoes-CONVERSE, Purse-THRIFTED

SEE, I told you the only one I got from my good camera was a silly photo. I usually wouldn't typically choose that type of photo, but it shows the whole outfit so who cares <3 I wanted to dress down the skirt for a casual afternoon so I paired it with a pair of converses & an old T-shirt from when I played Lacrosse in High School. I'm going to do another post soon of how to style this skirt for a more glam look, so stay tuned!
At the moment I have a recipe slow cooking for tomorrow's Tasty Tuesday post which is making the entire apartment smell so yummy :) I'll give you a hint it's perfect for this chilly Fall weather!


  1. love the slit in the skirt!

  2. hello my darling!! I am not sure if you already noticed buuut I have a new blog.. kinda of the same name but a whole different concept and I would love it if you can take a look and let me know what you think. I dont really know how you can keep up with posts considering my blogger wouldnt work any more but hopefully via bloglovin or something like that :)
    its the same url

    hope you are doing terrific :)

  3. I love the skirt!


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