Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music & Style: Kiah Victoria

You know when you meet someone & you immediately feel like WOW this person is going places & doing big things?! Well, if you ever get the pleasure to meet Kiah Victoria or hear her preform live you will know exactly what I'm talking about :) First off I can't say enough about this girl's style, she definitely knows what she likes & is not afraid to take chances in her wardrobe.
Another fun little fact that I wanted to share with you is a family fact .. her older brother Justin was featured here on Pich & Roor last week :) I know, it's not fair for one family to have so much talent!! This girl's voice speaks for itself & now you can hear it for yourself here. If vocals weren't enough for you, you can watch two of her amazingly beautiful music videos below <3

PS: I got a root canal yesterday which is why this post is a day late .. whoopsies, now off to celebrate Alysia's Birthday!!

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  1. I can't wait to listen when i get home :) Feel better with your root canal love.



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