Wednesday, October 24, 2012

D.I.Y. Scarf with Trimming

Several weeks ago I came across this post & thought to myself why don't you ever think of this cool stuff, but that folks is what's so amazing about the internet! I love that there's so many wonderful D.I.Y. projects out there & with the click of a mouse we can have access to all of them :) Sometimes it's almost overwhelming because I want to do ALL of them, but that would take a longggg time not to mention lots of mulaaaah$. Anyways, several weekends ago I went thrifting & came across a perfect plaid throw blanket begging to be made into a scarf! I made a little video to try & explain it .. it's pretty entertaining. There's also a funny "blooper" around the 21 second mark, see if you can catch it :)

Scarf with Trimming D.I.Y.
If you make your own scarf leave me a link so I can see it :) 
I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday, do any of you have any cool Halloween plans?!
I don't have any yet, but on Saturday I'm participating in the GLOW Run (sooo excited) <3


  1. That scarf is so cute. We need to go on a thirfting trip soon so I can get one.

  2. So cute! Looks great, you should sell them!

    1. Aww thanks :) I never thought of selling them, but now you've got me thinking!!

  3. Awesome idea!!! the scarf look great!


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