Sunday, October 14, 2012

Braided Ballerina

This past Friday night I went out to celebrate my friend Alysia's Birthday in Adams Morgan. Let me tell you going out in the Summer VS. going out in Fall/Arctic temperatures is sooo different especially when you're trying to figure out what to wear! In the summer you can pretty much get away with wearing anything .. mini skirt, shorts, sun dress, etc.  Ohh No my friends NOT ANY MORE!! I decided to challenge myself to wear something other than my staple outfit of leggings, tunic, & a button-up & I was pleasantly surprised with what I ended up with :) 
Top (Slip worn as shirt), Shorts (DIY), Blazer, Necklace-THRIFTED, 

Until doing this post I didn't realize that nearly my entire outfit aside from my tights & shoes were thrifted (I <3 that)! This look is so easy & surprisingly functional for a night on the town :) This is one of my FIRST times ever wearing a blazer because usually they make me feel big & boxy, but the key is finding a blazer made of light material that fits the curves of your body. I decided to wear my hair up because I knew once we started dancing I'd get hot & want it up out of my face. These high waisted D.I.Y. shorts are so comfy & pair well with anything so I'll probably wear this exact outfit again & just swap out a different style blouse under the blazer. This outfit + my hair made me feel like a total ballerina haha too bad I'm not graceful. To see how I did this bun check out THIS tutorial :)
Lastly I wanted to share a pic of myself with the beautiful Birthday Girl!
Alysia I love you so much & I know that this next year is gonna be GRRREAT for you <3

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