Friday, September 21, 2012

To Wedge Or Not To Wedge

Decisions decisions .. I NEED YOUR HELP!! I know that wedge sneakers have been trending for several months now with everyone from bloggers to celebrities to Vogue fashion editors wearing this fashionable shoe. As much as it'd be amazing to own a pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers I don't see that happening since they cost a pretty pricey penny! Lucky for me that every other shoe brand picked up on that so there are tons of other affordable options that look ridiculously close to the original. Another selling point is that these shoes are freakin versatile!! Don't believe me that's fine because I have proof :) I have seen these wedge sneakers worn with summer dresses, leggings, jeans, skirts, shorts .. you name it & these shoes work .. aside from maybe a ballgown or something crazy. Anyways, I guess it sounds like I've already convinced myself that I NEED these shoes, but I wanted to hear what you guys think of the style. Ugly, Cute, or you could care less?! Below are a couple of pictures of stylish ladies wearing their wedge sneakers :)
Wedge Sneakers

I have a giftcard to Zara, so I'm leaning a bit in that direction, but I also like the Asos version a lot. Anyways, I'd love to hear your opinions on this trend or if you own a pair where'd you get them from & how do you like them?! 

On another note HAPPY F-R-I-D-A-Y-!! I'm really excited because myself & some other DMV Fashion bloggers are going out to celebrate our friend Cheralee's Birthday tonight <3 Hope you all have some fun stuff to look forward to this weekend :)                    


  1. I'm in love with the wedged sneaker, and I can't believe they're selling them at Target I haven't seen them at all, I personally favor the Target version but the Asos version is attractive as well

  2. I love the ones! Theyre Haute! Get thoseee!

  3. I vote Target! Love these, but you're not gonna wear them forever. Use your Zara gift card for something you'll love for a long time! Plus, if you want those studs you can always DIY them ;) XOXO


  4. I bought this type of black snekers from GarageShoes for 30 pounds also, tottaly happy with it, so I think cheapest ones will be good enought. And this type of shoes are comforatable also:)

  5. I would do the target ones then get an outfit or shirt that matches at Zara :) 2'fer :)


  6. I totally loved the Zara ones but they sold out the second we got them in shipment, they didn't even make it to the sales floor because everyone working that day bought them I think they're super cute, urban but chic.

  7. I'm loving the top shop but the ASOS is my favorite!! I've been contemplating a pair!

  8. Woah the target version is the best one! I like the all black versions much better than any color version. I agree with the Fab and Frugal.


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