Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Mac & Cheese Pleeeease

I can't believe that I personally have never made one of my own personal favorite foods. Yes, it's crazy that it has taken me this long to finally bite the bullet & make my own macaroni & cheese! The reason why I haven't made my own prior to last night is because growing up I was spoiled by my Grandma's AMAAAAZING world class mac & cheese. After leaving Ohio & my G-ma's mac & cheese I thought that I'd never get to eat mac & cheese again except when I went back home to visit, but as fate would have in my Mother-in-law makes AMAAAAZING world class mac & cheese too! Once again my life becomes balanced :)

Although I still rely on her for yummy, creamy, time consuming mac & cheese I wanted to try & make a faster & easier version. In NO way does this mac & cheese replace the creamy goodness that is my Grandma & M-I-L's mac & cheese but for a quick meal fix, this works just fine for me! I found the inspiration for my version of mac & cheese online from THIS recipe. 
I ended up just using 1 box of noodles, the extra sharp cheddar, & the alfredo sauce
Nothing better than cheeeese :)
1) Cook a box of macaroni noodles in salted water following the directions listed on the box.
2) Combine the cooked noodles & the alfredo sauce in a glass baking dish making sure to cover all the noodles. 
3) Next up add the shredded cheddar cheese & mix it in with all the noodles & sauce. 
4) To make sure the pasta doesn't dry out while baking add a couple little splashes of cream to the noodles.
5) Before popping it in the oven add some sprinkles of the above seasonings to the noodles. 
6) Next, cover the pasta dish with tinfoil & put it in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. 
7) After the 20 minutes take out your masterpiece & top it with Italian style bread crumbs & grated parmesan cheese, to give it the perfect crispy topping!
8) Lastly, put it back in the oven (without the tinfoil) on the top rack for around 10 minutes, or until the cheese starts to melt :)
9) Take it out the oven & enjoy the delicious aroma!! 
I wish I made more, because this dish was destroyed before I could get thirds :) Don't worry, we had friends over so it wasn't just David & I eating the entire thing.

Review: I really really enjoyed the flavors of this macaroni & cheese, especially the crunchy goodness on top (parm & bread crumbs). Next time that I make this dish I'm going to add more milk/cream so that there's a creamier sauce to go along with the pasta, although I didn't mind this consistency (less calories)  it wasn't the typical creamy goodness I've been spoiled with before. Another little tweak I will make in the future is to add more cheese, because let's face it if you're making mac & cheese you're probably not on a diet & if we're going to make mac & cheese let's make it correctly with tons & tons of cheese :) In terms of easiness, this dish is suuuuper easy & doesn't require a lot of prep since all you have to do is shred the cheese while the noodles are boiling.

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