Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Wedding Cake

As you can see this is not a typical Tasty Tuesday post, this one's extra special to me :) I can't believe it's already been 2 years since these pictures were taken! What a wonderful day it was, filled with so many special people & more love than I could have ever imagined <3 Alright, enough sappy stuff & on to the cake!! This cake was huuuuuuge, the picture does not do it justice so I'm going to add a better picture of it when I get home. I liked the idea of a very simple square cake with small delicate details. Being the foodie that I am I couldn't settle for just one flavor, so we decided on 3 :) I picked my favorite flavor, David picked his favorite, & we decided on a third traditional flavor. David being the European that he is opted for a coffee/espresso flavored cake, I chose a yellow cake with fresh cream & bananas, & the bottom layer was a chocolate vanilla swirl with fresh strawberries! OMG so deeelish, & the best part was that there was a lot of cake left over which provided myself & David's little sister with plenty to snack on as we rode back to Maryland after the wedding. 
Geez, I really LOVE this guy & I'm so excited for all the years that we have to look forward to together! I really am so blessed to be married to him <3 As much as we drive each other crazy sometimes I know that he is definitely the one for me & I can't wait for this weekend so that we can celebrate! I wish we could go to the beach & celebrate like we did last year, but we've already spoiled ourselves with little summer trips.

If you want to see more pictures from the wedding you can check out this post that I did last year for our 1 year anniversary :) The moral of the story is that David I love you so much & I'm so happy that I get to be your girl!


  1. you look positively ridiculously beautiful! I really hope when I get married I can look like this.. oh and the cake! YUMMY!

  2. So freaking adorable :) Happy anniversary!!! xx

  3. Amazing post!!! Great pics and awesome dress!!!



  4. congrats on 2 years! many more to come :)
    you look absolutely stunning!
    it's wedding season right now so I'm extra excited to eat cake haha espresso flavor sounds delish!

    a coy perspective

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