Monday, August 6, 2012


This past Friday night David took me for "MAC & MACARONI" :) We started off at Redline in Penn Quarter for some quick HH bites which included lobster macaroni & cheese, shrimp quesadillas, & trio sliders! I was kinda disappointed with the macaroni because it was pretty much like someone dumped Kraft in a bowl with corn & lobster & tried to pull it off as a homemade dish:( The other two dishes we ordered were really yummy, so no complaints there. By now you're probably wondering where I was going with the "MAC" part, after dinner we went to see the Agony/Ecstasy of Steve Jobs at the Wooly Mammoth Theatre. It was a one man monologue that provided insight into the history of Macintosh & the people behind it.  
Romper-MATERIAL GIRL, Wedges-THRIFTED, Necklace-F21

I decided to wear my floral jumper that I bought at Macys a few weeks ago (as seen in this video). I'm really so in love with it!! It's light & breezy enough for this sticky hot weather that we've all been suffering through here in the DMV. I wanted to be comfortable when walking around D.C. so I opted for wedges as opposed to heels, but as you can see they ended up off my feet & in my hand by the end of the night :) I don't typically wear a lot of jewelry so I usually stick with a statement necklace & lately I've been LOOOVING this collar necklace that I picked up while in Ohio. I still have a few more posts in the works from some of my b-day festivities as well as the video that I promised you last week (sorry I've been super busy).

In other news tomorrow is my 2 year wedding anniversary!! I really can't believe that it's already been 2 years :) Unfortunately I have to work late so we will be celebrating our anniversary sometime this weekend. I'm still recovering from all my b-day fun, so this week I will be laying low& resting my exhausted body!


  1. Oh Happy Belated Birthday lovely!

  2. You look great in your romperoni. I wish I could have come to party down for your bday!! :(


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