Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Wheeeew, I really have missed all of you!! I just needed to take a quick little break to figure out what direction I want this next year to go, as well as pop home to Ohio to visit my family<3 I'm not saying that I've got everything figured out, but I've come up with some serious life goals that I'd like to accomplish at this ripe old age of 23 :) It was so amazing getting to be back with my family (even if it was too short) & also to celebrate my bff's birthday with her when we'd been separated for over 4 months. These are just a couple pictures from my first day in Ohio!
Early B-day present from the BFF, matching French BFF Necklaces (Yes, were 5 years old)
Shrimp Quesadilla with Rice & Beans!
Mika's (BFF) Birthday dinner with my Family (we're 3 days apart)
B-day dessert Fried Cinnamon Ice Cream soooo Yummy!!

I can't wait for this weekend because that's when the party really begins! Since my birthday is on a Wednesday I'm just keeping it low key tonight & having dinner with my adorable husband. Do you want to know why he's so freakin adorable, he woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed!! The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach haha. Love you all so much & thank you for all your kind words <3 

PS: If you're in the D.C. area you should come to the Skyline Hotel for a rooftop Pool Party :) Also, expect a new video haul by the end of this week since I did a little shopping damage in Ohio!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Breakfast in bed is awesome!! Gosh you are so have plenty of time to complete your goals...*sigh* you make me feel old ahahha ;-)

  2. I wish i could come to your burfdayy :( I'll be in va beach doing an engagement shooot. IM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK DONT YOU EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN. OR SOMETHING.

  3. great to see you back :-) it's nice to take a break sometimes. it gives you a chance to reflect and come back even stronger. can't wait to see you video haul!!! and happy bday my fellow leo!


  4. It feels great to take a break right! Glad to see you back! Happy birthday!!


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