Thursday, August 16, 2012

Forever Summer

I can't believe that summer has come & gone so quickly!! There's only two more weeks of summer so I decided to do a quick little collage of some beautiful summer inspiration :)
Bikini Me

I've had so many fun times this summer that I am grateful for as well as meeting some really awesome people :)
What was your favorite memory/activity/vacation from this past summer?! I'd have to say visiting my BFF for her B-day & my family in Ohio is one of my tops as well as all my B-day festivities <3


  1. My favorite summer memory was probably going back to NC for a long weekend in June.

    It was great meeting you last night!


  2. Love this summer collection. I am super loving those swimsuits! and that Mac Lipstick!

  3. great collection. can't believe summer is about over either. but i can't say that i am not excited about fall ;-)

  4. Fun collection! I wish I could have traveled this summer but I guess the most exciting thing that happened was me getting my license, finally. hahaha. :)

    chīsana blogger

  5. I love those pink heels, so cute! And I can hardly believe summer is almost over either! It seems to have just flown by!


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