Friday, August 31, 2012

D.I.Y. Turn an Oversized Shirt into a Dress

Ok, so I have been slacking in the D.I.Y. department lately & that my friends is due to sheer laziness. I buy all these random things to D.I.Y. & then they sit on my closet floor collecting dust (can you relate?)  never to be seen again. Two weeks ago when I was thrifting, an oversized brightly striped coral/orange button down caught my eye & I knew I had to have it! The top was only $1.99 & on top of that 25% off because it was a Thursday :) Since the shirt was bulky & unflattering I decided that it needed a makeover, which finally came to fruition last night. Ignore my sloppy appearance & naked face because I WAS NOT planning on taking any pictures last night, but of course I had to document the process for you!
See?! I told you it was cheap
The first thing you need to do is take out all the stitching around the arm connecting the sleeve to the shirt.
  After removing the stitching it will be a little frayed, but don't worry about it just yet.
  Since it's an oversized shirt it had broad shoulders, so I cut off 3 inches from the top of the shoulder. I also cut off an inch of fabric around the entire "arm hole" on each side. 
  Next up, I flipped the shirt inside out & pinned 1/2 inch of the frayed fabric from the "arm holes".
  With the shirt still inside out I pinned up each side close to an 1 1/2 inches to be taken in since the shirt was initially very wide. 
  Time to start hemming all the frayed edges!
Yay, it finally all came together :)
It's such a great feeling to finally complete a project you had dreamed up in your head even if it doesn't turn out exactly as you had planned. I still need a lot more practice on my sewing machine as well as practice with measuring & cutting materials (it's a little bit uneven in places) but I'm still glad that I gave it a go :) I'm going to brunch Sunday with a couple of friends & I'm going to try to wear the dress since I only have a couple more precious days of summer left. The dress turned out kind of short so I'll probably wear shorts underneath it for now & swap those out  for leggings once the weather starts to cool down. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial & if you have any questions about how I made the dress or anything like that let me know & I'll be more than happy to try to explain it! Have any of you made clothing before or altered it? If you have I'd love to hear how it turned out or see a picture of what you made :) 

Happy Friiiiiidayyyyy <3 I'm really hyper right now because I just found out I get to leave work 2 hours early today!!


  1. Brilliant! This is so useful for when I find cute oversized shirts that I need to hack up :)

    chīsana blogger

  2. Pure talent...gosh 1.99!! hahaha I need a sewing machine!

  3. Um...can we say 'awesome'?!! You just gave that shirt a new life. And it looks great on you. Can't wait to see more of your D.I.Ys similar to this one.

  4. Oh that shirt to dress DIY is BRILLIANT! Super cute! And isn't a closet cleanout the best? Even if you don't purge it gives new life to what you already own! :)


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