Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Chiquita Bananna #OOTD // Finally saw MAGIC MIKE!! // Brunch @Busboys & Poets
B-day Party Hello Kitty Style // Just started 50 Shades of Grey // Thrifting with Trisha
4 Items for Under $10.00 // Drinks for the Beach // New polish Lavender & Sparkles

Tomorrow when I get off work I'm hopping in a car with a bunch of friends & heading STRAIT TO THE BEACH!!! This is my only little vacation this summer & I am definitely going to make the most of it :) I'm still working on my thrifting haul video because the audio wasn't syncing correctly, but hopefully it'll be up soon. I'd love to follow you ladies on Instagram, so leave your name in the comment section if you like.  Have any of you read 50 Shades of Grey?! I just started it, but everyone I've talked to is obsessed with it. Stay tuned for some quick little posts from the Beach!

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  1. The pic of the drinks looks so cool!! I love instagram.. I'd love to follow you, Im stylekitty

    Editor & Chic

  2. Hahah I read 50 Shades of Grey on our vacation this week....sure was intense. I was reading it on the plane and the lady next to me was asking me all these questions about it and it made me sooo uncomfortable hahaha! Definitely entertaining though....hate to say it but I'm gonna buy the other two in the series now


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