Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Gonna Be a NEON Summer

As some of you may know I LOVE Polyvore, I really can't say it enough! It's a site that lets you make "collages" from millions of beautiful images & it's a fun way to get your creative juices flowing :) I just submitted a collage yesterday on Polyvore for one of the contests they're running & I wanted to share it with you! The theme of the contest is Favorite Summer Shoe. I picked a pair of  neon Brogues because they're not the "typical" summer shoe, but they have the neon factor & you can pair them with almost anything for a fun unexpected twist <3

Brogues THE Summer Shoe

3 1 Phillip Lim Tank, $295
Christian Louboutin Neon Brogues, $695
Dries Van Noten Necklace
Wrangler Shorts

Hope you liked it :) I'm so excited for the weekend, just one day away!! What are your plans?! Saturday night I'm going to the D.C. United Game & the rest of the weekend you can find me at the POOL!


  1. Love it! I just joined Polyvore recently and haven't quite figured out how to use it yet so my collages remain very plain! lol
    Those shorts are so pretty!

  2. those shoes are epic!

  3. you did a great job , i love it ! esp. that necklace !

  4. Stay cool my friend... stay cool.


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