Sunday, June 17, 2012


First off I want to wish all the Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!! (even though there's probably not too many Fathers reading my blog aside from my own) I wish I could have been in Ohio today to celebrate with my Dad, but I did get to celebrate with David's Dad & family :) This week had some highs & lows, but luckily they always find a way to balance each other out.
Impromptu Girl's Night // B&W Makeup // Love THESE heels
Recovered Kitty @ Work// David's ER Adventure // Babysitting Zachary
My Dad & I (wedding day) // Euro Cup Today // Currently Listening to Balance
I love this picture because you can feel the love. I'm sure he was probably exhausted from work but gladly agreed to play Mickey Checkers with me, enough said. I can't say enough about this man except that he is the BEST & I'm so glad I'm his little girl :)


  1. Cute pics!! I like it!

  2. Love those heels and your nail polish color, I'm wearing a similar shade and absolutely love it for summer!

  3. I just looked through allll of your wedding pics. You are so pretty. You sicken me.


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