Wednesday, June 20, 2012

D.I.Y. Ruffle Ombre Denim Shorts

What could be better than Ombre, Crochet Ruffles, & Distressed Denim Shorts?! NOTHING, which is why  I felt it was time for me to make the perfect cut-off shorts :) I got these Levis as a pair of mom jeans at my local thrift store for around $3.99. I'm going to make this D.I.Y. tutorial as simple as possible, so excuse the overload of pictures (I think it makes it much easier to learn through images).

1) Tools: Pants/Shorts, Crochet Doily, Scissors, Strait Pins, Needle, & Thread
2) Cut the pants to a length that you feel comfortable with, but leave a little extra length in the front since you will be hemming it.
3) Cut a Triangle notch on the seam on the outside of each pant leg. Then round off the bottom edges so that the shape begins to look similar to this type of style.
4) Hem the bottoms of the shorts in the front, leave the back of the shorts un-hemmed so that they can fray. After hemming the front of the shorts cut the doily to the width of the front half of the shorts (reaching from the inside of the crotch to the seam that separates the front from the back). Leave an extra 1/2 inch in the length that way you can use that extra material to sew the crochet on the inside of the bottom of the shorts that way the rest of the crochet peeks out.
5) After sewing the crochet to the shorts, they should look something like this :) I really like how they look at this point because they're very plain & simple with a girly touch .. but I kept on going!
6) Now it's time to get into the OMBRE! There's many different ways to bleach and ombre denim, so don't think this is the only way. I just like this method because it's easier to control the bleach create a fluid ombre effect. Poor bleach into a bowl & add a splash of water (NOT a lot), then dip a clean sponge into the bleach. Squeeze the sponge along the top of the shorts making sure that the area is being covered & completely saturated.
 7) Add more water to the bleach solution so that it becomes more diluted than the first batch. Re-dip the sponge into the new solution & repeat the same process of patting the sponge down across the shorts allowing some overlapping of the two parts. Allowing the two levels of solution to overlap creates an even consistent fading. I used the same techniques to bleach the back of the shorts. Wait about 10 minutes,rinse the shorts in cold water getting rid of any excess bleach, & throw them in the washing machine.
8) All jeans have thread running vertically & horizontally, use a seam ripper to pull out the edges of thread that are sticking out from the bottom of the jeans. Don't worry if it's not fraying a lot, because once you wash it more threads will come lose.
9) To make the holes in the shorts cute width wise to the size that you want. There will probably be some broken white threads sticking out, & you can pull them so that they now hang down on the sides of the hole. Keep making more cute & continuing the same process of pulling the white threads down without breaking them.
10) After making all the cuts & pulling the thread your shorts should start to look something like this!
11) Alright, all this hard work is now about to come to fruition .. are you ready!?!

I am really satisfied with the results, but in the future I think I will bleach more of the jeans so that it's a more dramatic effect. Thank you all so much for looking through this tutorial, & I hope that these tips help you design your perfect pair of summer shorts! 
If you have any questions or want to show me a pair of shorts that you've made leave it in the comment section :) Coming soon an outfit post in these shorts, but for now a sneak peek!!


  1. Those shorts are so cute! I have a pair or jeans in my closet that I want to try this with.

  2. I LOVE THE OMBRE. I was wonder how you would do that.

  3. you did a great job. very cute!


  4. Definitely trying this out!
    A doily? Why did I never think of that? lol


  5. i love the way this came out. i'm definitely going to have to give this a try.

  6. you better get it gurl!!!! these are too cute!!!


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