Friday, June 29, 2012

Cap FABB: Rent the Runway @ American Ice Co

This past Wednesday I attended the Cap FABB Rent the Runway event at American Ice Co. The restaurant & bar doesn't look like much from the street, but the inside is absolutely adorable! We were each given a patriotic little bracelet that got us a free Berry Lemonade Spritzer which was so refreshing considering how HOT is was. Another bonus was that the bracelet matched my outfit perfectly :)
Here's a couple of pictures from the night, unfortunately I went home early due to some wardrobe malfunctions :(  AKA my heels were soooo uncomfortable, & i've worn painful shoes before but these take the cake! I met so many new bloggers who I hadn't had a chance to meet yet, & let me tell you they are so SWEET!! I can't wait to hang out & get to know all of them more :)


  1. It was so nice meeting you! I loved your shoes even though they were painful for you. Hope to chat it up with you more at the next event.


  2. !!! what a cool picture up top!!!

  3. I hear you on the malfunctions, i almost had about 17 nip slips.

  4. Aw everyone looked great, and I spy two interns from Snop Swap in the bottom picture lol


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