Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upstairs on 7th

Two nights ago I went to the May Cap FABB meet-up at Upstairs on 7th. It's such a hidden treasure disguised in a modern looking office building. There were so many cool & beautiful items that it was hard to walk away without buying something! As always it was wonderful getting to mingle with my fellow dmv area bloggers :) I had planned on wearing another skirt, but after sewing it I realized that it was a bit too short. Luckily everything happens for a reason & I ended up being much happier with the second outfit that I picked.
yummy cucpcakes//rainbow clutches//& some stylish attendees :)
LOOOVE all the beautiful bright colors & the beading!! Worn & designed by the talented Sanaa Ansari Khan
Everytime I see this girl [Naja Diamond]she's killing it, This time in Pastels!
Heels-NINE WEST, Skirt & Robe (Worn as Shirt)-THRIFTED, Bandeau-VS, Necklace-EASTERN MARTKET

I was a little nervous about wearing this outfit out in public, but I LOVE so many different aspects of it that I had to give it a go :) I didn't have time to sew the skirt so I safety pinned it. The robe//blouse is one of my favorite thrifted pieces, & I can't wait to wear it with a cute pair of cutoffs. For some reason my lipstick [NYC in Blue Rose] shade looks kind of dark in the outfit pictures, so here's two close up shots that shows the true color better.
PS: I had a FANTASTIC thrifting trip yesterday with so many unique pieces that I can't wait to show you :) I'm going to try & post a thrifting haul video Saturday! So excited for a 3 Day Weekend <3


  1. cute outfit for the night! x

  2. You look pretty in your outfit, Wave. Love the robe as a shirt concept. The print is really nice.

    Glad you had fun at the meetup.

  3. very very very pretty!!! I love all the colors and I love that you get such different pics of different people in your posts! I always look forward to your recaps!!!!

    Great job!!!

  4. I love how you tied the robe up as a shirt! genius! great seeing you hun! xx ~ N

  5. IN LOVE with all of the bright colors girly! So pretty. Want to follow each other ?? Let me know!

    Lady Million

  6. Oh hey I see my arm in one of these. Holler.

    PS good seeing that night

  7. I'm so sad I didn't get the email for this one. Great post, i love all the colors!

  8. Wow great job on the robe/shirt! can't wait to see your newest thrift finds!


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