Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifting Haul Video [Memorial Day Weekend]

Hey everyone, hope your 3 day weekend is going well so far!! Last night I went to a BBQ & tomorrow I'm going to my friend's pool so I'd say that I've been lucky enough to have an awesome weekend so far. To kick off Memorial day I went thrifting with my friend Ashley [followed by a buffet dinner I'm still recovering from] & we had such good luck finding great pieces!! I wanted to share with you a thrifting haul video I made to show you all of my fun little purchases :)

Warning: please ignore all my "umms", hair touching, & the weird noise I keep doing throughout the ENTIRE video .. ok enough blabbering here's the video.
I can't wait to wear all these pieces!! Especailly my butterfly floral shorts :)


  1. I can see you with a cute sheer top with the animal print PJ pants! I like what you got!

  2. nice voice <3
    I love scarfs as well hahaha
    nice haul!

  3. Those shorts, especially the floral ones, are too cute! Wow. Great finds.

  4. hi waverly! sorry for the late reply, but yes feel free use my images wearing the zara basic sandal as long as you credit :)

    LOVE those floral shorts you picked up btw, what a score!


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