Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pastels, Prints, & Florals

I don't know how I would spend my free time if I wasn't blogging. It's crazy to think that two years ago I had no idea about all the countless fashion bloggers out there. As much as I enjoy writing my own blog, I LOVE looking at other blogs! I follow so many different blogs because each one offers something unique & it's always awesome to meet new people :) These are some recent pictures from some of my favorite bloggers, make sure to check out their blogs at the bottom!


  1. Love love love love love every single pic.

  2. ohhh wave i have missed you.. i hope youre well! i've been offline lately but now my laptop charger is dead so now i'll really be off the grid. anyway, hope that youre well sweetie! love you

    xx james

  3. and there's new ones popping up every day! tons of great inspiration out there. thanks for sharing your faves!



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