Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's/Graduation Day 2012

This past Sunday (Mother's Day) I drove up to NY with David's family to see my brother in law graduate from Columbia. It was so inspiring to hear about all the amazing accomplishments each of the speakers were a part of. It really made me realize that it IS important to me to go back to school for at least my bachelor's degree. Alright back to the story, we started VERY early approximately 4A.M.!! 
Photo-shoot with David's sisters Jessica & Veronica
We we're paying very close attention to the ceremony :)
I can't explain the feeling I get every time I'm in NY, it's unexplainable I just NEED to be there <3


  1. New York is awesome...for visiting. Can't imagine myself living there.

    Meanwhile, congratulations to your brother-in-law!

  2. WHAT did I tell you about eating sushi without me?!?!


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