Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D.I.Y. Ombre Rhinestone Necklace

Back to reality, after a wonderful 3 day weekend spent soaking up sun & chowing down on lots of yummy bbq. I really wish every weekend was 3 days, but I doubt that's going to be happening anytime soon. If you read my last post & watched my thrifting haul video you're probably familiar with the vintage rhinestone necklace I bought on Friday :) I've already done two other d.i.y. posts with rhinestones one was a friendship bracelet & the other was earrings. I hadn't tried using the nail polish technique yet, so I thought this necklace would be perfect for it!
Supplies: Rhinestone Necklace (It can be cheap & even missing a rhinestone or two) & Pretty Shades of Nail Polish

To start out you'll need a rhinestone necklace or any kind. In my experience the smaller little rhinestones look a lot more natural with polish than the big gems, so if possible stick to the small square ones. I bought my necklace at a thrift store, but you can order them online as well.
Next grab all your polishes!! I was going to stick with just a pink theme, but ended up doing a rainbow pattern. You can plan out your color design on a piece of paper before, or just wing it like I did.
Now it's time to begin! Don't worry too much about being "perfect". When you're painting the rhinestones it's ok if you make a mistake because all you have to do is wait till it dries & peel it off or even easier paint over it :) 
I used a variety of polishes & for the most part all of them worked pretty well. The thicker they are the more the color seems to stand out, & some of the thinner polishes created more of a sheer effect. 
Almost finished :)
YAYY, it's ready to be worn!
Here's two more close-ups of the necklace
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, & I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs :)


  1. Awesome job! Funny enough, I did my first D.I.Y. post last week. Similar to this, I used nail polish to oomph my necklace. I was inspired by the one when you used Sharpies to add color to your earrings.

  2. I like daaattt. I have a couple of these necklaces that I got from *cringe* clares, that I have been saving for something like this.

  3. !!! oh you fancy! I saw this on my bloglovin feed, and i thought...oh gosh, waves would love this, and i clicked on the link, and voila your site! LOL, i love it it's really pretty too!

    1. awww :) haha you know me all too well! I'm going to VA on Thursday for a little fun event & I'm gonna be driving thru DC you should come with :)

  4. WHOOOHOOO this is such a great DIY! Such a creative idea! Looks beautiful on you! :-) I am the worse at painting nails though so don't know if I can pull this off..haha


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