Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Shells & Rainbows

These are actually pictures from a meal I made several weeks ago from scratch :) Normally I follow a recipe & make little alterations as I'm preparing it, but this time it was all from my noggin!! I was inspired by all the colorful produce in my fridge so I thought why not put all these pretty colors together? First off chop up your peppers & onions.
I used 1 red onion & the equivalent of 1 1/2 peppers. 
(I would advise cutting the onions & peppers smaller so that they're more manageable)
then shred up some cheese, I used Pepper Jack cheese to give it a little kick
I was going for a mexican flair so I used Chorizo Mexicano, but in the future I would use a different meat. This chorizo had a LOT of fat in it, & I love fat but this was a bit much. Next time I make this I'm going to swap out the chorizo for a non crumbling sausage like this one. 
I LOVE pairing shell pasta with a creamy cheese sauce so that the shells get filled with lots of yummy cheese .. I'm sure you can see a theme here :) 
Now it's time to start sauteing all the veggies in olive oil & get the pasta water boiling
Funny Story: while cooking (& looking a hot mess) I started to smell a campfire sort of scent & at first I started thinking to myself "oh that's nice I haven't been to a bonfire in forever." Shortly after that I realized that that lovely scent was coming from the stove, more importantly from my wooden serving spoon :( So when/if you're preparing this dish try not to hang the wooden spoon over the flame that's boiling the water.
After boiling the noodles save a little bit of that water to add to the pan of sauteed vegetables. Over low heat mix in the pasta, cooked meat, shredded cheese, and a teeny bit of cream just to provide a little more sauce for the pasta. Mix every once in a while until the sauce thickens up.
Yes that pathetic little green clump on the top is cilantro, I learned the hard way that cilantro doesn't freeze very well nor does it thaw very well, oh well lesson learned I'll just buy it fresh next time. 
Overall this is a simple, colorful, cheesy little dish that's perfect for weeknights since you can chop the vegetables the night before as well as use meat that's already been cooked. Do you have any favorite weeknight dishes? If you do I'd love to hear about them :) I can't wait for tonight's Cap FABB meet-up at Urban Chic in D.C.!!


  1. Gawwwddd I miss pasta. That looks so good.

  2. Yup... i'd eat that... i am always looking for new ways to dress up pasta!!! this looks amazing yummy!

  3. Haha, I love picture of you the best "uuupssy" :) Gash, pasta is such cool thing, you can eat it all the time with all the different ingriedients and you never get boored!

  4. I really love your food post!!!!!!


  5. yummyyy , looks goood ! : )
    and no more burning spoons okay miss? loll

    xoxo, Shariece


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