Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SMU: Spicy Candy Lookbook Launch Party!

I'm seriously such a bad blogger, but life does take priority over blogging lol. Hopefully I'll be able to start doing more regular posts again!! Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Spicy Candy D.C. South Moon Under Lookbook event in Clarendon. I'm seriously so proud of these ladies, they killed the lookbook and I couldn't be more excited for them & can't wait to see what the future has in store :)
photo via Spicy Candy D.C.
It was such a fun event filled with beautiful clothing as well as beautiful people (always a given at these events). We were also so lucky to have Dani Stahl (Editor-at-Large at Nylon Magazine) there at the event. She is so naturally beautiful, and one of the nicest people, I was so excited to get a chance to chat with her :)
Dani & I
 Carlis(1/2 of the Stylish duo of the evening) & I
L: Chic Attendee & Naja Diamond    R:  Vivi & Gwynne
The FABBBULOUS back of Katherine's dress .. which later became a bow tie 
shoes, shoes, & mores shoes can't wait to buy a pair for this summer!!
double the leather Jenn & Vivi
photo via South Moon Under
(L photo via  Vivi  & R photo via Emily)
You know we had to get food afterwards .. we ended up at CAVA :)
I ordered the lamb sliders .. yummm!
Michelle, I mean Zoolander workin the gold skirt
two of my fav. ladies :)
Skirt (altered), Blouse, Necklace, & Earrings: THRIFTED
Heels: Guess

Such a wonderful night with great company <3


  1. So glad I got to see you even if only for a few minutes!

  2. looks like another GREAT time! i love your outfit. very smart and chic....GREAT heels :-)


  3. LMBO I like that picture of me! I had a blast with you ladies that night, can't wait to see ya'll on Saturday!

  4. How did we miss eachother?! BOOO
    Next event I am tracking you down haha

  5. likeeeee your blog lovely!
    keep posting and go for it!!!!


  6. Oh, everyone of you looks so chic and gorgeous !

  7. OMG girl..... seriously how long has it been?! miss you!!! and of course you loo fab! yellow is a great color on you!! aw, i hope everything is going well with you hun <3 love you!



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