Sunday, April 29, 2012

Outfit:Cotton Candy

Last Tuesday I attended the Cap FABB event at Urban chic, and before I put the pictures up from the event I wanted to share with you what I wore :) If the skirt looks familiar you're absolutely right, it's the one I scored at the Thrift Store in this post. Since it was way more sheer than I had originally noticed I wore a leopard mini-skirt underneath it.
(Note to self don't wear that nude bra with this top again)
I kept it pretty simple with light makeup & a soft pink lip. This was my first time wearing a maxi skirt & I felt really comfortable in it! In the future I might pair it with a crop top or a knotted button-up.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend & remember there's still time to vote here on the LPM 3 Way Style Challenge :)


  1. this skirt is absolutely amazing

  2. you look so pretty!! that skirt is adorable waverly :)
    I am missing you all so much. Please promise me you'll let me know if you are ever in NYC... mimosa or anything like that is much needed :)

  3. Pretty! I like the color a lot

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  4. Loved your outfit! Great seeing you hunny! xo



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