Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Dinner for 2

If you would have told me that I would be making dinner almost every night several weeks ago, I would have probably died laughing & called you an idiot. It's not that I'm not passionate about food because I am, I LOVE food (I can eat a large pizza by myself) I just never thought I'd enjoy making it. SURPRISE! I kinda am really really really enjoy learning to cook & figuring out what "my dishes" are. What makes it even more fun is that David actually likes & appreciates my cooking which makes me want to keep exploring & cookin up new meals :) These are 4 of my favorite meals that I made last week, & if I can make them you CAN make them!
Dinner for 2
1) Avocado Pasta [I added the shrimp] such a quick, simple, & healthy dish.
2) Chimichangas My INDULGENCE :) In my defense I opted to bake them instead of fry them.
3) Tuna Burgers & Fries Sooo CHEAP & delicious plus the fries were kind of squishy how I <3 them!
4) Bang-Bang Shrimp A little bit time consuming battering all the shrimp, so I'll save this for special occasions :)

Hopefully I can keep up the drive & energy to keep cooking. It's crazy to think how much $ we used to spend going out to eat all the time compared to going grocery shopping once a week. What's your "GO TO" dish when you need to make something in a hurry, or your comfort food?! I could seriously talk about food all day lol.


  1. Excuse me lil miss Chef!! You go girl! I'm def going to try this avacado pasta! I'm sure it's taste great! Looks so yummy!!

  2. WHAT? You clearly need to cook for me asap.

  3. Seriously come to my house! Next week my husband is going to be out of the country. Just bring the wine & tell me what you want me to cook lol.

    1. is that an invite for me too??? lololol I have loads on wine, by the way I went a and made this just now, patting my belly! It was really good! I made like fiesta style shrimp, spicy it balanced out! So yummy, and like you said so easy!!

  4. Yummmm that all sounds so yummy. My go-to dish is stir fry. We hoard bags of frozen vegetables from Giant and I pretty much whip up different varieties at least twice a week. My favorite is with peanut sauce. Ahhh it's the end of the day and I'm hungry, can you tell? Haha

  5. This is so exciting!!! ALL those dishes look amazing yummy!!! Man have you ever been slaving over the stove!!! MMMMM droooll! You should come link up!!! OH... and Can I come to the wine party too? Pullllleeeezzzeee!!!

  6. throw me some mac and cheese and i'm all goood loll
    all that food looks amazinggg. keep it up sweetheart.


  7. Yay another foodie like me. Your food looks great, it is also plated very well. You definitely save more when you cook. And luckily whenever I cook for my BF he ends up lending a hand everytime (crosses fingers that this continues). My go to meals are baked fish (very easy), I usually pick it up from Wegmans prepared. On a Meatless Monday I'll make spaghetti squash with loads of veggies or fried eggplant with a side of yellow rice yumm. On days when I'm tired I'll have breakfast for dinner (you can never go wrog there). I'd love to share recipes in addition to fashion talk *hint, hint*

  8. This all looks amazing! I wish I was more of a chef and def want to try and get in the kitchen more.

  9. It isn't at all hard to find pleasure in cooking! The downside (or upside if you're trying to watch your figure) is that you can loose your appetite. I've decided to cook more frequently and it's like allying a hobby with practicality. Not to mention, all the compliments you get are totally worth it!
    Mademoiselle Sonushka

  10. Foooound it!!!!! Sooo making this


  11. all i can say, is YUM!!!!!!!!



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