Sunday, March 18, 2012

Outfit for: LPM @ TABAQ

A quick little outfit post from La Petite Marmoset's One Year B-DAY! Wonderful company & tasty treats ensured for a Fantastic night :) Yes, this is THE DRESS that I mentioned (in this post) I bought at the Thrift store last Sunday in Virginia. It was originally floor length, but I decided on hemming it in the front & altering the back portion. I have been ABUSING my new Maybelline  CORAL CRUSH lipstick, it never leaves my bag.
I ended up wearing another purchase from last week's Eastern Market adventure, an oversized chain necklace. This was my first time wearing these d.i.y.'d neon gem earrings. They were originally a dull dingy green, so I amped them up a couple of notches with some neon nail polish. 
These lavender heels were my most recent purchase, but unfortunately they are going back to where they came from. It was my first time ordering from the online boutique JUST FAB, & as much as I wanted to keep these shoes (I <3 the COLOR!!) they were just so dreadfully uncomfortable (& I've worn some painful heels in my time) not to mention that arrived to me with glue marks all over them. Oh well, back to the lavender drawing board. Yes, that is a bracelet on my ankle, I seriously used to LOOOVE ankle bracelets & I'm kinda really glad that trend is recycling it's way back in :)

Dress-THRIFTED (D.I.Y. post coming soon), Earrings-2ND CHANCE, Heels-JUST FAB, Bracelet worn as Anklet-H&M, Necklace-EASTERN MARKET

PS: Stay posted for more pictures from Thursday's event to see what all the other stylish attendees were wearing!


  1. you look gorgeouss ! love those heels !

  2. I loved your outfit, and the DIY earrings!!

  3. so pretty! love the dress...GREAT find!! sorry about the shoes :-( they're so cute!


    ps great job on the earrings ;-)

  4. oh I just wanted to tell you that I love those heels :-( boo I hate uncomfortable shoes:( that's too bad because they are so cute.. but I totally understand you

    lovely dress! I have to try this lipstick!:)

    and this nail polish you can win in my giveaway! :D (okay not the same bottle because I bought my own as well lol)

    and I've been wondering.. when is your birthday?:)

  5. Those shoes are fantastical. Is that a real word? It is now.

  6. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  7. Your eyebrows are perfection! I am happy to join your blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?


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