Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last week I had the pleasure of attending La Petite Marmoset's 1 YR Birthday Party at Tabaq! Katherine & Ashley the brains & creative forces behind this brand are both so awesome & sweet :) The night started off kind of rocky because I scratched a car while parallel parking (booo) but what better way to distract yourself from your problems than by surrounding yourself with fashionable people, liquor, & cupcakes !? 
Katherine on the left thanking all of the guests with Ashley to her right 
(don't you just love all the florals)
deeeelishhhhhious Chai Cupcakes 
My fellow Amazonian Katie [photo c/o Vivi]
A better shot of her awesome finger candy & polish
Brunette Beauties (with Marilyn creepin in the background)
Stunning attendees they were both glowing, I <3 all the pinks & reds
My lover Gwynne wearing a vintage necklace & earrings from her store, Ear Candie
My fellow Chef Michelle :)
Vivi & Zi such beautiful sisters
Gwynne & I checking out pics from the night [photo c/o Vivi]
My Co-Mayer of Cheeseville Katherine & I ! 
I'm so excited, I'm going to check out her studio for the first time this Friday :)
It's almost Friday people, what are your plans for this weekend?!


  1. With your cute self!!! I like that picture of us together!

  2. Fabulous re-cap Wave! Great pictures :) Thanks so much for all of your love and support :) xx

  3. Hahah co mayor of cheeseville! I love it :) Love all the photos you took--- you looked hot in that bodycon you shortned! Thanks again for coming out and for your great recap :)

  4. Love this post its sooo cute!!! I am about to do mine yay!!! Thanks for the shout out LOVER!!! OMG I am moving to DC this weekend Wave !!!! I never thought I would see this day come. I can't wait to have you over & I really do want to have a tea party soon!!!! ; )

  5. looks like u had a lot of fun!:)))

    great pictures!:) <3

  6. You looked fab in your dress girl! I didn't know you hemmed it yourself?! That was such a fun night, cheers to many more to come! xo

  7. great recap wave!! i love when you "top knot it"...

  8. amazing dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love K

  9. you and your friends are so stylish:)



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