Friday, March 23, 2012


While stumbling across cyber space yesterday I came across a simple yet beautiful lipstick look via GUCCI at Milan F/W. The shadowing/ombre effect gives the illusion of a deep & full lip which is awesome for people like me with small lips. The whole look only takes a couple of minutes which is perfect for when you want a dramatic look on the go :)
[photos 1, 2]
What you'll need: 
2 Shades of lipstick from a similar color scheme. I used  a bright red & a dark brick red.
You also need lip liner in those 2 shades or ... you could use black eyeliner if you don't have the darker shade [like I did]. 
Last but not least I suggest you use a lip brush when applying the lipstick, it's much easier to control the blending. 
1. Apply the lighter shade of lip liner around your lips as well as filling them in with it.
2. Apply the lighter shade of lip stick on both lips.
3. Gently pencil in around the bottom and top of the lip with the darker liner.
4. Using the darker shade of lipstick apply a coat only around the outside portion of the lip allowing the center to remain bright.
5. For a more dramatic look gradually add more of the dark liner around the edges using the lip brush to blend it in. 
**I was in a bit of a rush myself when taking these photos so I don't have any eye makeup on which I think would definitely complete this look. Keep your eyes muted with neutral eye shadows, but make sure to apply a couple dark coasts of mascara to achieve this GUCCI-ISH look :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial & that it was helpful!
PS: idk why I look so hostile in the last 2 pictures lol, but at least you can see the shading of the lipstick :)
I'm so glad it's Friday & that Davids coming home tomorrow!!


  1. you look so beautiful! :-) I love ombre lips! but (of course;) I prefer pink lips ;) I always admire your perfect eyebrows! :)

    I'm glad David is coming home:)

  2. boy oh boy have i missed YOU

  3. They really look cute. It looks as if they're bigger :)

  4. im definitely going to try this! thanks for sharing! xo

  5. You look amazing! I'd seen this look but not anyone actually trying it out - love it on you!

  6. Pretttty prreeetty hope to see you soon.


  7. I like how it's subtle; gorgeous look!

  8. Ooh La La! Love the lip Waveeey, and the sultry stares:) xoxo!

  9. when i first looked at gucci's collection, i loveddd the red lips !
    you did a great job ! i love it



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