Friday, February 10, 2012


As usual I didn't give myself enough time to pack & catch the bus, but miraculously we made it! I'm blogging from the Mega bus as David & I are on our way to celebrate his sister Jessica & her husband Carlo's Birthdays. I'm bummed I'm not attending any of the NYFW madness, but thanks to all my lovely bloggerina friend's constant updates I feel like I'm there :) Here's a couple little snippets from this trip so far, enjoy!
1) I was listening to this song while rushing to pack 2) I couldn't focus at work today knowing I'd be on my way to NYC in a mere couple of hours 3) My trusty "tribal" bag that goes everyyyywhere with me 4) Stocking up on caffeine for our long bus ride! 
Our "plans" for tonight are to meet up at a club where our friend is DJ-ing but I'm not sure how I feel about leaving my laptop unprotected at a random bar ...ehhh sketchy 
Hope everyone's having a GREAT start to the weekend, what do you all have planned!?


  1. I love those boots that you're wearing.
    And I am basically not a human unless I have my daily caffeine.

  2. I am sad I am not in NYFW either : ( you also know I want that caramel macchiato soo bad!!!!!!!!


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