Saturday, February 18, 2012


Ok so we are finally "MOVED" in to our new home which loosely translates to "ALL of our EVERYTHING is scattered in boxes/suitcases/purses etc. all throughout our new apartment! I had to idea how exhausting & expensive this move was going to be. I know that it will be worth it but right now we're living in a "MAD HOUSE" which will hopefully turn into a beautiful little bungalo. Here's a peek at the terror that was our old room ...
yupp .. can't wait to keep all of you up to date with little things I fix up around our new house :)
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!


  1. Moving super sucks though. But it's so fun to decorate a new place :)


  2. Leave it to Instagram to make that crazy look cool. Hope you take an after picture! I'm curious to see what you come up with!

  3. congrats to you guys!! cheers to a new beginning!


  4. If I could hire someone to come in, pack all my stuff, move it, then put it back exactly as it was before, I would 100% do that.

  5. I am sooo excited for you !!!!!!! Tho yes packing sucks un packing can be fun and finding new homes for things is fun and your new place will be a beautiful palace in no time i am sure : ) Can't wait till you two are settled enough to have a house warming party!!!!

  6. Hiii pretty :) oh goodness i miss you, girl. its been Too Long! i hope that you two love birds are settling and getting things organized :) i would totally help you for a small fee: pizza. hahaha. love you and wish you well sweetie

    <3 jamie


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