Thursday, February 2, 2012


I stole this post title from a SUSHI ROLL!! & yes I'm getting that desperate for new titles jkjk. Earlier this week David & I celebrated one of our many anniversaries aka I LOVE any reason to celebrate & eat :) We went to Yellow Fin, a steak & seafood restaurant which sits right on the water in Annapolis. We headed over there right after work to make it in time for their delicious HH menu. We pigged out on the  crab & gruyere pizza, crab & artichoke dip, calamari (more on that later), & the FAMOUS "land & sea" roll (lobster & filet mignon). It will become apparent in the picture below that I got "a little" carried away with the scissors & now have bowl-cut bangs ...
The roll was topped with a delicious horseradish sauce which paired perfectly w/ all the other flavors!
Now on to more serious matters ... the CALAMARI or as we coined it the "new" KFC. I'm NOT a picky eater I seriously like almost everything but this calamari SUCKEDD!! It really tasted like the breading that's on KFC chicken it was nasty & was really disappointing, but we did have a good laugh at the idea of KFC changing for chicken to calamari :) Overall it was a delicious dinner & as always wine never disappoints. After dinner we walked around the mall for a bit & I somehow refrained from buying anything (so proud of myself). Can't wait for tomorrow I'm getting "crafty" on a Valentines Day Project plus I have special styling plans for Saturday so stay tuned :)
 shoes-CONVERSE, leggings-TARGET, red blouse-H&M, button up-VS


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  2. Yellow fin is so good! Seafood everything for me :) Have you been to Sushi Rock in Arlington? Its delish and they have so many specialty rolls.

  3. That sushi roll looks amazing! annnd now I'm craving sushi, but it's ok b/c I'm always craving sushi :) My favorite sushi place is right by my house off Van Dorn St. in Alexandria: Akasaka. They have half off rolls on Mondays (so I only go on Mondays. duh.) Too bad the calamari wasn't good, what a waste of perfectly delicious squid :(

  4. great pictures! you look so beautiful:)

  5. you look so laid back and cuteee <3

    xoxo, Shariece


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