Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carbs, Caffeine, & Cabs

This past Friday David & I took the bus up to NYC to visit his sister & her husband for their Birthdays. The bus ride was cramped & awkward since we made the mistake of sitting at the table which meant awkward eye contact with the random couple sitting across from us for the next 4.5 hrs lol. 
we arrived in NYC around 12:30ish & $40.00 later we were on our way to BROOKLYN!
ps: I'm wearing Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick R02 "Courtisane"
Our friend Adam on the ones & twos. After a long night the only cure is CARBS & lots of them :)
Jessica & I on our way to get a mani & pedi
I decided on a bright pink & 1 glitter party nail ... which turned out to be not quite the party I hoped for because she only did 1 sparkly coat so it looked stupid lol .. oh well at least my cuticles look better!
After pampering ourselves we met up with the boys for the BEST SUSHI EVERRRRR, Zen Sushi :) 
So delicious especially for the price. I had 4 rolls but the "Spicy Dragon" was my favorite!
Angsty Cheerleaders & Mike's ... match made in heaven 
On the way to celebrate Jessica & Carlo's Birthdays at Bar 13!
this is about as NYC as you can get lol. We picked the pizza up after the Birthday festivities & for a $1 a slice I ended up eating 4 :) Whatever you only live once & this pizza was on point!
authentic coffee vs dunkin ... dunkin I'm sorry but you were a little bit of a disappointment but thanks for keeping my hands warm!
It was kind of strange being in NY during Fashion Week but not being at Fashion Week with all my friends, but I can't complain. We had such a fun filled day & a half, NYC it won't be long until we meet again!!


  1. great post! i love the nails and the sushi!!! yummmmyy ;-)


  2. I am now officially starving and realizing my immediate need for a manicure. Thanks! haha

  3. I'm long overdue for a Mani and Pedi, it's sad...I'm still looking for a great sushi place here at home. If you know any lemme know via twitter!!

  4. I love your hair pinned up , it looks really cute!

    xoxo, Shariece


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