Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"This is Waverly's Heaven"

First off, I should probably explain the title which is a direct quote from my Momma. As some of you may or may not know I grew up in Columbus, Ohio before venturing East. As a teenager I spent countless hours walking & shopping around Easton. Let me just tell you Easton Town Center is no ordinary mall it is beautiful, huge, & one of my FAVORITE places to shop & grab a bite to eat when I'm back home visiting the fam :) So if you're even in Columbus for whatever reason you N E E D to go to Easton! & Then tell me ALL about it because I can talk about it for days .. I should seriously pursue a career promoting them jkjk So the day after Christmas David & I strolled around there, checked out some books at Barnes&Noble,  & met up with my  Parents & Wyndra [my little sister] for lunch!
[L: Cheese Dip & Wedges  R: Chicken Boxty Quesidillas]
To continue with this "heavenly" post OMG seriously I could survive on the top 2 dishes [who knows how well my arteries could keep up] for the rest of my life & be oh so H A P P Y! We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Fado [there are several locations], it's kinda loud & has an old-time pub feel to it with plenty of international soccer fans yelling at multiple TV's but we were lucky enough to find a comfy & quiet spot. This place must also have magical powers because Wyndra & I were able to take a "nice" picture as my Mom calls it. I made my Dad order the cheese dip & wedges to start off with & everyone LOVED them .. obviously & to continue on my potato appetizer craze I ordered the quesadilla as my meal deeelishhhioso!! Ok sorry but seriously so good :) Overall it was a whirl wind of a trip but it's always great getting to see my fam. I've got some more pictures from Ohio that I'll put up later. 

Hope everyone is doing well & recovering from NYE.!I can't believe I have almost 80 followers now <3 Thank you so much to all my old & new readers, your support means more than you will ever know :)


  1. you and your beautiful little sister look gorgeous ! :))

    I promise I have to stop catching up on blgos when I'm hungry! :D
    this food looks so yummy:)

    Have a great day!

  2. I love this post :o) It is Waverly Heaven!

  3. that food looks so yummyyy.

    you look great , and i love your scarf. your little sister is so cuteee .

    plenty lovee & swaag
    xoxo, Shariece

  4. hey pretty lady! your little sister is SO adorable! one day, i will travel all 50 states! and when im in ohio, i will be sure to go to easton! i miss you! hope that everything is going well <3 have a wonderful week, girl

    love, jamie

  5. This does look like a wonderful place to shop! I bet it is very pretty in person.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. You & your lil' sis look lovely & the photos are beautiful!

  7. I tagged you in my 'tag swaag' post. check it out : )

  8. Awesome blog & great pics!
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