Monday, January 9, 2012


To add onto my fun filled Sunday, following a delicious brunch we "dropped by & d.i.y.'d" @ Studio 85. It was my first time at Studio 85 & from the outside it may look like a normal shop, but once you step foot inside you're transported to a crafty & creative space with countless possibilities! For this d.i.y. we were creating unique detachable collars from vintage blouses & studding, pearl-ing, & sequin-ing them up :) I forgot to mention that there were also red velvet cupcakes there [yumm] which was the perfect dessert for my brunch!
Striped-T:AMERICAN APPAREL, Denim Button Up:VS, Skirt:FOREVER 21, 
Bracelets: All THRIFTED [except for chain&yarn one:CHARLOTTE RUSSE]
It was easy to be creative because they provided us with so much fun inspiration 
the always adorable Cheralee studding her collar
to see more pictures from the event check out her blog post!
hard at work [photo via Cheralee] & the beginning of my pearled collar :)
Emily also attended & made this studded collar, you can see more pics here at her blog!
I was so excited to get home & find these 2 adorable pieces of artwork
[made by Kiah Leigh] in my goodie bag :)

The suspense is going to have to continue to build since I'm not completely done with my collar & I don't want to unveil it til it's completely done! My shirt also came with a "bonus" collar that connected between the side collars, so I'm in the process of turning it into a necklace :) I want to send out another HUGE Thank You to Studio 85 & Kiah!! I had a lot of fun & I'm looking forward to more collaborations in the future. Can't wait to show all of you my finished projects .. stay tuned :)


  1. obsessed with your bracelets!

  2. Love your accessories! So sad I couldn't make this event - looks like a great time!

  3. this event seemed like so much fun! can't wait to see the finished product :-)


  4. I'm not a fan of collars but these look great:)

  5. So cute! I can't wait to see your finished product.

  6. That looks like so much fun! I love the color of your skirt :)

  7. I wanted to go to this but I had other plans. I want to see the finished product! I'll definitely try to make the next DIY event.

  8. Awww thata looks like so much fun. I hate living an hour away from dc. I reaallyy wish i lived closer.

    Xoxo, Shariece

  9. you know you made it on refinery29 today too!! wooohooo go girl!!!

  10. this seems so cool! how fun that you get to be in such a creative place!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  11. I love this!!!!! i am soo sad that I not only had to miss this but that it was the worst day of my life instead of b dazzled fun with my beautiful friends : (


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