Thursday, January 26, 2012

Madewell + CAP FABB

Last night was another wonderful meet-up, held for a second time at the Madewell in Georgetown! I knew it was going to be a great night when I was greeted by Lacey who was rockin a "FLOWER POWER" suit, it was seriously adorable! As soon as I walked up the steps I was overwhelmed by all the new faces & fantastic outfits. One of the first bloggers I had the pleasure of chatting with that night was Leslie from Fashion Needy. It's so much fun getting to meet people in person after following their blogs & getting to know them over the internet. After talking I ran strait over to the cupcakes & champagne :) Ok, enough talking on to the pictures! OMG I forgot to tell you I looked like an extra from a 1960's movie .. don't worry you'll see what I mean soon enough lol. This is a side effect from getting dressed in your car & not having access to a full length mirror!
necklace, boots, & vest-THRIFTED, blouse-GIFT FROM MY BFF, dress (worn as skirt)-EXPRESS
after the meet-up several of us [10+] walked up the street to Paolo's where Cheralee & I spent the remainder of the evening getting brain freezes & making mustaches! It's always a blast getting to hang out with other fashion-minded people & I <3 just checking out what everyone's wearing :) I got some presents today in the mail & they really made my day!! I'm going to do a post on them soon, HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND :)
PS: If you want to see more pics from Tuesday's event check out some of these blogs!


  1. you look so darn cute! I love your look :) those boots are fab and it sounds like you had a blast! wish i couldve been there! hope everything is well with you sweetface. ugh, life kinda sucks right now. totally fell off the wagon and im back on a gross diet filled with pizza and hamburgers :) lol. anyway, im thinking of you


  2. I happen to love your outfit! I think you look adorablee ! Everyone else looks wonderful too of course : )
    I can't wait to attend one of the meet ups !
    I'd love to meet you all !

    xoxo, Shariece

  3. wow those photos are great...looks like so much fun...
    and seems like a great way to end the night(:

    xoxo katlin

  4. love iiiit! so much fun meeting you all and I am so looking forward to the next :)

  5. the shoe-cupcake is gorgeous!!! I like your blog!!! xoxo


  6. you're so cute! i love your bangs.

  7. you are always having fun! I envy you those meetings! :D

  8. Lovely blog.

  9. great lipstick color on you! And I agree with Kate, I love your hair!

  10. Wow you go to some pretty good events...I am jealous...

  11. Love all your photos dear! And thanks for linking to me! Great to see you as always!

  12. youre so pretty
    great blog
    what do you think about following each other?


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