Sunday, January 15, 2012


This cheeeesey title is dedicated to my cheesey-lover Katherine! Anyways, today I went THRIFTING for the first time in forever!! I really felt like I was visiting an old friend as I stepped through the doors.. dramatic much?! But really, I <3 the thrift store & I hadn't gone in forever so I was really looking forward to seeing what new items they had. To cut to the point they did NOT disappoint :) The items that caught my attention were a pair of vintage blue sequin heels. Normally I'm anti kitten heels because I think they're dumb lol "make up your mind already you wanna wear heels or you wanna wear flats?!" but these shoes were so comfy & adorable that I caved in [also they were under $5].
After grabbin the heels I spotted a HUGE over-sized floral scarf. I love big snugly scarves that instantly make an outfit chic & practical for these chilly days. I also bought a simple little blue bracelet to add to my "arm party" collection :)
Last but not least I found a "fuzzy wuzzy" black faux-fur vest [$20]!! 
I have been wanting a fur vest for a while now & I was very happy to snag this one today!
It's not super thick which I like because that way it doesn't look bulky & the length falls right at my hips so I'm a happy happy girl :)
Happy LONG weekend everyone! How are you going to be spending your MLK day?!
PS: pictures from yesterday's SPICY CANDY DC fiesta coming soon!!


  1. u an loving those shoes and the vest!! which store did u go to?


  2. HUNTY....You came up in that store chil' lol. All your items look amazing .. I found my real fur vest thrifting too. Its so great because you get to feel your shopping void and find fabulousness :) love all your pecies hun :)


  3. What great finds!!! That vest is too cute!

  4. I love how you have done your make up it is flawless and i love the colour of your lipstick soo cute :) xx


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