Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is a super quick & simple d.i.y. post that I thought you ladies might enjoy!! I had this beautiful colorful friendship bracelet that I purchased in Cancun last year for $1. I also bought this cheesy rhinestone choker-esque necklace for under $5 the other day at the thrift store & let me tell you they were made for each other :)
to create this blinged out BFF bracelet you'll need a "friendship" bracelet [I think the flat ones work better], a strand of rhinestones either from a necklace or bought in bulk strands, needle, & thread
I cut the necklace in half & decided to use the side with the clasp that way I could use it to link on to the loop at the other end.
I lined up the rhinestones with the bracelet & sewed in between each rhinestone 3 times to keep it in place. YES, it really is that simple :)   
TAAA-DAAA & now you have a perfect sparkly NEW addition to your arm party!


  1. That's really cute, I love it.

    xoxo, Shariece

  2. super duper cute! its a fab way to bling out a friendship bracelet, for sure! i love it!! i hope you had a good weekend sweet face :) im pretty pooped out from last night; it was my cousin's bday and i think im too old to be hanging out like i used too. i literally almost fell asleep at 10pm! haha :) hope you have a great week ahead of you!

    xx jamie

  3. So cute! I want to do this!

  4. Agreed, this is cute :)

    love K


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