Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthdays & New Beginnings

Yesterday was my dear friend Gwynne's B-day! She is such an awesome chica who is not only cute but she's talented too :) You can check out her one-of-a kind jewelry here. Last night we went to Mad Hatter in Dupont for drinks & cupcake icing to celebrate her special day :) 
 Mian & I 
 my favorite/most uncomfortable shoes
[they're so cute I always convince myself that the pain is "worth it"]
 This poster reminded me of the B-day girl lol
 my hearty turkey club @ Mad Hatter
 Photo-sesh with the B-day Girl herself in full Barbie attire! 
[I guess I'm too tall to have my entire head in a picture]

This is an old photo of David & I from several summers ago..we were just babies 
jkjk I know I know we still are. Today we took an "adult" step & signed up for an apartment aka our first home :) eeek so excited .. it's kinda unhealthy! I'm just so grateful to have such a wonderful person to spend my life with & I'm really looking forward to this next step :)  ... mushy I know
Ok David keeps telling me this pic is from 2010 but w/e it feels like forever ago
[Brunch cruise on the Patomic]
can't wait to take a bajillion pics & videos 
as we I decorate our little home<3

PS: SoOo BOOSTED for Spicy Candy DC's 2nd Birthday this Saturday
[be ready for picture overloadddd]


  1. congrats on your apartment! i cannot wait til you two get settled in and feel at home <3 i also cant wait to see decor photos! hope your week is going well darling love! its almost the weekend :)


  2. Love birthdays! And you look fab in all these photos! See you this weekend!

  3. awesome leopard heels! Love iiiit! :)

  4. Aw that looks so fun! and great heels love :)

  5. when I first time saw these shoes my first thought was 'omg how cute they are'! yay I can totally understand it.. I have heels from Zara and they are so adorable but wearing them hurts so much! the size is okay just there is something wrong with these shoes or with my foots :D
    Happy Birthday to your friend!

    I'm still in love with your trench coat! it's so chick! I've been looking for a black trench coat but it's so hard to find a perfect one :( at least I bought a blue one :D

  6. thanks for your lovely comment! Follwoing you on GFC and bloglovin already :) hope you can follow too!

  7. awww happy birthday to her! :) what a nice friend you are hehe. its so greaet you got to live in the city in sydney! I wish I lived right in the city, you're very lucky :)


  8. thanks for coming to my bday happy hour and for the Bday post you are the best!!!! Congrats on your new home I can't wait to see it all done up I know it will be amazing!!!!!


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