Thursday, December 29, 2011


Don't worry I'm planning on wearing both shoes & a dress this NYE I promise there will be no nudity lol. I have a serious dilemma that I need your assistance with .. is it the SHOES that make the outfit or the DRESS that makes the outfit?! I have definitely been a slacker this year in terms of picking out the perfect sparkly NYE dress so I was thinking "can I rock a HOTT sexy shoe w/ a low key dress?" I need your help!! I'm leaving for N.Y.C. right after work tomorrow so I'm in a sort of panic mode. I'll probably just shove a bunch of different options in my bag & pray for something cute to jump out of it :) Anyways before Christmas I was trying to shop for others when I ran across these shoes at Charlotte Russe for $12.00 & YES you read that right!
It's L.O.V.E. 
peep toe
snake skin
ankle strap
comfy heel
I'm off to start some laundry & packing for N.Y. eeek I'm super excited in case you can't tell!!
Can't wait to see everyone's NYE posts
I'm wishing ALL of you a safe & happy end of 2011 <3


  1. I love them! and they have the thicker heel which I have a hard time finding!

  2. omg those shoes are so amazing.
    i can't believe that you got them at charolett ruse what a steal!

    xoxo katlin

  3. I love these ;)
    luckily they dont ship to my country because i'm totally broke :D

    I love your new heels! I'm not a big fun of ankle straps because I'm short and they make me fatter :P

    I envy you!!!!! Take me with ya! I promise I'm gonna be a good girl! You woudnt even notice me! :D

  4. Fantastic shoes! If you wear 'em, it'll definitely make the outfit.

    Have fun in NYC this weekend, Wave. Make it a safe one.


  6. Lovely blog!
    Such great posts!

    Would you like to follow eachother?


  7. first, OMG YOU CUT/trim YOUR HAIR! lol yayers!! and Happy one year, babe!! i've kinda been away from blogger but i have been thinking of you! hope you had a great holiday babe! and celebrate with care for new years!!

    and babe, your shoes and dress should never compete with each other! the shoes can definitely make the dress and vice versa! it really depends on what you are wearing :) im sure you are gonna look like a dime piece for NYE! Cant wait to see your photos, love!!

  8. Those shoes are cute! Out with old in with the new right?

    Happy New year!
    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. omg, love these shoes! love the style and the heels. and CR has some amazing prices. great blog, and enjoyed browsing. new follower-hope we can stay connected. cheers!

  10. I bought the same shoes!


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