Wednesday, December 21, 2011


For those of you who don't know I've been pretty dead to the world for the past couple of days :( I have had the most annoying cold//sore throat everrr but it seems like it's passing so I'm excited! I can't believe David & I are off to O-H-I-O tomorrow @ 6 A M ... ahhhh too early 
[what was I thinking scheduling it so damn early ?!]
The other day my wonderful friend Jeanine was in town & she is always FAB-U-LOUS to say the least so I decided to wear makeup for the first time in 5 days lol .This is my first time attempting a makeup tutorial so it's kinda rough but it was kinda fun at the same time.
1) Mix a tiny dab of foundation-esk tinited liquid makeup with a neutral unscented face lotion & blend it in ALL over your entire face. It's a light way to even out your skin & moisturize it. [I've had that Mark-Kay tube since high school which was 5 years ago!! this stuff lasts forever]
2) I just put bronzer EVERYWHERE!! I picked this one up at Nectar a couple of months ago & I love it!
3) I'm NOT a fan of this blush but I haven't found one that I like so I picked this one up just to hold me over.
I'm not one of those people who uses all the cool preparation makeup ... until last Christmas when my friend gifted me this "Shadow Insurance" from Too Faced. 
It's seriously amazing & holds everything RIGHT where it's supposed to be :)
4) Spread a teeny tiny bit of the Shadow Insurance over your entire eyelid halfway up to your eye brow.
5) I like to start out with a neutral base coat so I used the cream color one pictured above to the right. Since it's such a neutral soft tone you can put it all over your entire eyelid and even go all the way up to right underneath your eye brow if you want .. but don't get too crazy :)
6) This color is so fun & sparkly I put it right in the crease as well as a little bit above it & continue it out to the end of my lash line & putting a little bit of it on the outside corner of my eyelid.
7) This eye shadow can be overpowering so I use a light layer at a time & build it up to make sure it's not too much. I use this one also in the crease but extend it up & out once you get to the end of the lash line. 
8) This trick I THINK makes a hell of a difference if done right!! Use a shimmery white cream shadow to highlight right underneath your brow bone all the way to the end of your eyebrow & blend into the darker eye shadow underneath it so it looks more natural. 
9) I would have never thought in a bajillion years that I Waverly, former owner of the name "werewolf face" would be needing the assistance of a brow pencil to make my brows look fuller lol. It makes a huge difference though if you flash between the 2 pictures of my eyebrows above you'll see a huge difference. One key point is to make sure you don't push too hard with the pencil to ensure that your eyebrows don't look like they've been tattooed on ... unless you like that look. 
10) I just started using kohl liner this past summer but I love how BLACK it comes out & this one by TARTE stays on all day! I use the round said to apply it from the outside corner of my eye to the inside. I try to make it thinner as it reaches the interior of my eye. I'm bad at explaining the liner part, but Meek~N~Mild has a great eyeliner tutorial you can watch HERE which I highly suggest !! [& she's totally adorable]
11) I like a little bottom eyeliner but I only put it half way across my bottom water line starting from the outside & then I top it off with a TON of mascara :) 
List of Brands:
MID EYE SHADOW-Makeup Forever
DARK EYE SHADOW-Makeup Forever
I'm pretty cheap when it comes to makeup but sometimes I get into "splurgey" moods & buy more expensive stuff. Sorry this post is so LoOoOng, if you have any questions just let me know :)

Ohh yeah you probably want to see the end result, these pictures are of me playing stylist to Jeanine!
I don't know why my hair looks so dark in this pic lol the other pictures are more accurate
eeek Christmas is sneakin up soo fast :) 
I'm going to try for a travel outfit post tomorrow!


  1. Wingtinged Eyes are my favorite!! I love it, sometimes i wear that alone, with just gloss.

  2. Great tutorial -- the final result looks stunning!

  3. I love this post! great make up!

  4. OOOOH looks great! good tut. You are super gorgeous :)


  5. Um whyyy are you so pretty? This is such a good tutorial--- I'm so bad at making my eyes look like that!

  6. Oooh I love that liner look on you :)


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