Saturday, December 24, 2011

Golden Coins & Red Revivals

Hello from Ohio! It's freeeezing here like seriously it's colder than D.C.   :(    It's been such a whirl wind these past couple of days! I didn't sleep Wednesday night because I still had laundry & packing to do, PLUS I'm crazy & scheduled us a flight at 6:30 A.M. which meant leaving the house pretty early. We barely caught our flight, making it to the plane with only 4 minutes to spare!

1) Beautiful Christmas tree at my friends house 2) Pretty holiday makeup purchases 
3) My first Christmas present, thanks Gina!! 4) Suitcase shot

Of course instead of packing at 3 A.M. I decided to "beautify" myself aka putting on lipstick & painting my nails ... so that I could "pack correctly" 
 **note the delirium & redness in my eyes lol
lips: Maybeline Red Revival  nails: Revlon Golden Coin
... and yes I did make David take a picture of me before we left for the airport, but it only took 2 seconds so I'm NOT the reason that we almost missed the plane .. well maybe :) & as you can see the lipstick didn't last for that long haha it didn't make it to the plane ride.
Happy Holidays to everyone & I hope you're all getting to spend them with the ones you love!


  1. merry christmas - have an amazing time!xoxo

  2. You are tooo cute !!! I love that you put make up on to pack thats the best thing I have heard in awhile !!! I am going to try that next time. Hope you packed more then just shoes thats always my problem!!! Merry X mas can't wait to see you when you get back!!!!

  3. I totally love your trench coat! You look so adorable!:)))

    hahaha you made me laugh because I'm the same type of person. I'm always painting my nails when I have to do something important and then I have to wait until they are dry :)
    Your lips are gorgeous!

    And yeaah I'm so proud of you!;))) I love your tutorial!:)

  4. Nice post Merry Xmas!!!

  5. merry christmas! i hope you had safe travels!

  6. Lovely photos! Hope you had a wonderful Xmas!

  7. i love your boots : )

    plenty lovee & swaag

  8. your nails are so cool! is it metallic nail polish?!

  9. you're too cute! happy holidays to ya :-)



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