Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogger's Night Out @ Bloomingdales

I hope everyone's weekends have started out GREAT!! Unfortunately I'm DEFINITELY under the weather my ears are ringing my nose is running & my throat is hurting :( But I decided to do a quick post from last Wednesday's Blogger's Night Out @ Bloomingdales. I personally had never been to a Bloomingdales before so when I walked in I was "kid in a candy store" mode. Our wonderful hosts for the evening were Erika and Caitlin who were both so friendly & fashionable! There were plenty of give-aways throughout the night accompanied by yummy finger food & champagne.
J-Brand Jeans (the 1st giveaway) I've never tried a pair but hopefully that will change!
OMG .. *drool* the strawberry champagne cupcakes of Cupcake Boutique were AMAZING!!
quick snap with Jen
These little mini sandwiches we're soo good, I'm personally responsible for eating over half of them :)
... more stalking
Jen, Aika, & Genevia
Star ///  Sparkly ladies Sara, Rosa, & Apollina
one of our hostesses Erika at the end of a long successful night & I loved these vibrantly colored jeans!
It wouldn't be me if I didn't go out afterwards for a little somethin' somethin'. We ended up at Lia's where I had a candy apple sangria & a yummy pizza with a few too many onions (sorry David).
photo c/o Emily
posing with one of the cute little sandwiches


  1. you look gorgeous!
    and daaaamn you just made me hungry with those pictures :( I have to eat something hahahah

    it looks like a great night out:)

  2. Everyone looks so great !

    seems like a lot of funn !
    loved your outfit !

    plenty lovee & swaag
    xoxo, Shariece
    ; )

  3. Looked like a wonderful time! Those champagne strawberry cupcakes look delicious :)

  4. Great to see you at the event! And great photos! It was such a fun time!

  5. Looks so fun! And you girls all look so fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Nice pictures..everyone looks great!

  7. love it!! so sad that we didn't meet up after....booo! as always, its's always a pleasure seeing your sweet face. ;)

  8. aw, looked like such fun! wish i couldve gone too! you look beautiful

    love, jamie

    get well soon love!

  9. How fun! I need to find out where there is something like that near where I live. Those little sandwhiches are so cute, and you looke fabulous. Love your bangs :)


  10. AAAAW This looked like it was so much fun. I wonder what I was doing on this day lol


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