Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday

In a couple hours I will be waking up in a warm snugly bed to help
prepare a Thanksgiving meal with my family. There are so many people who will
not be lucky enough to enjoy that same comfort, so I'd like to take a second to
acknowledge what I'm grateful for ... 
[no particular order I'm just puttin' it down as it pops in my head]

Fluffy Blankets
My Readers

This list is very simple & not thought out, but I thought it'd be nice to publish something spontaneous!

I'd really really really like to Thank ALL of YOU who read & leave sweet comments, it makes me so happy reading them & getting to know each & everyone of you better :) 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving & gets lots of great deals on Black Friday!
I'm now going to leave you with my pajama photo shoot from a couple of weeks ago pre-bangs .. 
[note to self take less pictures of myself & get more sleep lol]
PS: Yes, I AM THAT L A Z Y that sometimes I sleep with my makeup on hoping that it will still look decent in the morning .. I hope that we can still be friends


  1. i didn't even realize you were wearing makeup, it looks so natural! beautiful!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

  2. haha youre SO adorable wave!!

    happy thanksgiving!! i hope you and yours have a great time celebrating darling! muah!

    x jamie

  3. aww food coma! im so glad you had a good time celebrating :) me and marc are just gonna have fast food or mexican, YES!!! lol. didnt feel like cooking this year haha. and yes girl, that is my bedroom.. im ALMOST done! just need to paint the walls. and thanks for your sweet comment! girl, i got my headboard on craigslist for only $100! i almost splurged $700 on one similar to it but thankfully i slept on it because i found the ad that following day :) woo hoo! anyway, have a good sleep! hope you have yummy left overs tomorrow! muah! love you!

    x jamie

  4. sooo cute and sweet happy thanksgiving girl
    ps I sleep in my makeup to some times


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